Dr Ambedkar International Centre

It is a centre of excellence for high level quality has two centres encompassing studies in Buddhism and affirmative actions and inclusive growth.

Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar


The Dr Ambedkar International Centre, will house the International Centre for Buddhist Studies, Chaitya.  “Chaitya” would be a resource centre for facilitating the study of Buddhist ideology, with the objective of contextualizing these principles in relation to other philosophical traditions,  exploration of spread of Buddhist thought in the different parts of the world.  Dr. Ambedkar’s approach to Buddhism, art and literature; archaeology of Buddhist sites the study of primary texts, inscriptions; and the comparative studies of various philosophical traditions would form the core of the Centre’s activities. The Centre would focus on international co-operation between India and other countries through exchange of research scholars, faculty in all areas related to Buddhism.


Dr Ambedkar International Centre, will also house the International Centre for Affirmative Action and Inclusive Growth – SAMRASTA.  “SAMRASTA” would be a resource centre for promoting inter-disciplinary research in affirmative action in the social sector, encompassing socio-economic and other aspects of development with focus on employment and skilling. The Centre would be a resource centre and knowledge bank both for research scholars and the Government. The studies would be diversified in content and coverage and would include policy issues at the state, inter-state, national and international levels.

Auditoriums in DAIC

DAIC is having three auditoriums on ground floor. There is a big auditorium of 700 sitting capacity equipped with all modern technology. The interior is both attractive and soothing and seats are fully comfortable. The stage is build and it can accommodate ten dignitaries on chairs/sofas. It is the most suitable and centrally located place for all big national and international conferences.

  • Besides this, there are two small auditoriums of 100 people's sitting capacity each. There are also fully furnished with all latest technology. They can be
  • used for parallel small meetings, performance, lectures, etc.

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