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The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment is entrusted with the welfare, social Justice and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society viz. Scheduled Caste, Backward Classes, Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, and Victims of Drug Abuse etc.

Basic objective of the policies, programmes, law and institution of the Indian welfare system is to bring the target groups into the mainstream of development by making them self-reliant.

The Ministry is headed by Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Cabinet Minister and ably assisted by three Ministers-of-State namely Shri Krishan Pal Gurjar,Shri Ramdas Athawale and Shri Rattan Lal Kataria .


There are two departments viz. Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Mr. R.Subrahmanym (IAS, AP:1985) is the Secretary of Department of Social Justice & Empowerment. Ms. Shakuntala D. Gamlin(IAS, AGMUT:1984) is the Secretary of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. Ms. Upma Srivastava(IAS, SK:88) is the Additional Secretary of Department of Social Justice & Empowerment.

The Bureau Head wise Allocation of work in Department of Social Justice and Empowerment is as follows:-



Name (Shri/Ms)


Work allocated


Shri. Surendra Singh

Joint Secretary (Admin)

All matters related to
i.Administration(Estt. and Cash Sections)
ii.Coordination, Parliament, Official Language
iii. General Administration
iv.Public Grievances (CPGRAMS), Facilitation/RTI Cell, CR Section
v.SCD-III Section (Grants-in-aid to NGOs)
vi.R.L. Cell
vii.Corporate Cell (Reservation for SCs , Affirmative Action including reservation in Private Sector)
viii.Joint Cadre NCSC-SJE
ix. Media & Publicity
Member Secretary (Dr. Ambedkar Foundation & Babu Jagjivan Ram Foundation)


Shri Ram Prasad Meena

Joint Secretary (SCD-A & BC) 

Backward Class Division(BC):

 i. BC- I, II & III sections including DNT

 ii.National Commission for Backward Classes(NCBC), National Backward Class Financial Development Corporation(NBCFDC)

iii.Commission for Sub-Categorization of Backward Classes(CESOB)


Scheduled Caste Development-A (SCD-A) Division:

i. Venture Capital Fund, Allocation for Welfare of Scheduled Castes (AWSC), Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for SC, Assistance to State SCD Corporation

ii.All related matters of Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial and Dr. Ambedkar International Centre

iii.National Scheduled Caste Finance Development Corporation(NSFDC)

iv.All matters of NCSC except Jt. Cadre NCSC-SJE

v. Report Implementation of NCSC


Ms. Kalyani Chadha

Joint Secretary (SCD-B)

SCD-B Division:

SC Scholarship Schemes, Hostels pertaining to Scheduled Caste Students, Top Class Education, Free Coaching Scheme for SCs, Overseas Scholarships for SCs, National Fellowships for SCs, Corporate Cell(PMAGY),  SCA to SCSP, Standing Committee, EFC and SFC pertaining to these matters


Smt. Radhika Chakravarthy B Joint Secretary (SD)

All the matters related to the Social Defence(SD) Division:

i. Senior Citizens, Rashtriya Vayoshree Yojana

ii. Drugs Abuse/Policy/Survey

iii.Transgenders, Beggary and Online NGO Portal related to Drug  Abuse &  Senior Citizens

iv.Narmada Rehabilitation and Resettlement matters



Ms. Yogita Swaroop

Economic Adviser

All matters relating to the Plan Division:
i. Skill Development, Cabinet/EFC/SFC Notes of other Ministries, Reports relating to UN/ILO/ESCAP and other UN bodies, Materials for Economy Survey/ Yojana, Miscellaneous Work relating to Parliament Questions/ Public Grievances/VIP References/ RTI, etc. relating to Plan Division
ii.Work relating to recommendations of Group of Secretaries viz. (a) Drawing up of Departmental Action Plan (b) Monitoring progress of Departmental Action Plans (c) Monitoring progress of DAP 2015-16
iii.SRMS, NSKFDC and RI Cell(NCSK component)


Shri. M.K. Ujjainia

Deputy Director General

Evaluation Studies of Social Audit Scheme of this Department, Handbook/All Statistics related matters, Output-outcome framework, Gender Budget, and other related issues, Preparation of Annual Report, Miscellaneous Work relating to Parliament Questions/ Public Grievances/VIP References/ RTI, etc. relating to Statistics Division


7. Shri Sanjay Pandey Joint Secretary &
Financial Advisor
Integrated Finance Division & Budget Section
8.   Chief Controller of Accounts

 i. All duties & Responsibilities mentioned in the Department of Expenditure’s O.M. No. 5(6)/L&C/2006 dated 01.06.2006

 ii.Matters related to Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) of D/o SJ&E


Link arrangements among the above officers shall be as under:-




1st Link Officer 2nd Link Officer


JS(Admn./Cdn./ FC & RTI / Parl./ OL /RL Cell / Media/ Corporate Cell (part)), & Member Secretary(DAF & BJRNF) JS(SD / RR/PCR(PoA) Act) JS (BC & SCD-A)


JS(SD/Vig./PCR(PoA)) JS(Admn.)



JS (BC & SCD-A) JS(SCD-B) JS(Admn.)






Economic Adviser



Economic Adviser





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