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The vision of the Department is to build an inclusive society wherein members of the target groups can lead productive, safe and dignified lives with adequate support for their growth and development. Towards this objective, it formulates plans, policies and programmes, enacts/ amends legislation, guides and coordinates the efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organizations for the empowerment of its target groups. The Plan division helps in the formulation of the policy of inclusive development of the country and fulfils the continuous need for monitoring the efficacy and effectiveness of various welfare programmes. It makes the financial projections for the Annual Plans and also assists in the proper allocation of the Plan resources. The utilization of the Plan Outlays is ensured by monitoring at the highest level so that the Plan allocations are optimally utilized.


Major items of work allotted to Plan Division are given as under:

1.   Annual Plans

2.   Annual Report of the Ministry

3.   Preparation and revision of the Compendium of Schemes

4.   Initiatives/programmes relating to Skill Development

5.   Gender Budgeting & budgetary matters

6.  Coordination of Plan Schemes

7.   Work relating to Annual Economic Survey

8.  Parliament Questions/Assurances/RTI matters relating to the work indicated above.


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