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Advance actions to be taken by the Ministry


  1. The Ministry could in the beginning of every two years take out advertisements in all the states through newspapers inviting voluntary organizations to register with the Ministry. This would enable the Ministry to have a database about the voluntary organizations spread through out the nation. This is important because it would provide a wealth of information about the various organizations such as their organizational strength, human resources capacity, expertise, reach/presence etc. At times of need the Ministry could intervene socially in regions and areas that may require special attention by assisting such organizations according to the exigencies of time.
  2. Evolve annual action plans according to the priorities that the Govt. of the day may have to intervene in regions and sectors to beget the desired changes.
  3. Assistance to agencies could be based on such priorities rather than waiting for voluntary agencies to approach the Govt. for assistance. In this manner there can be a concerted attack on social evils/problems or areas to engender change with the Govt. sponsoring such metamorphosis. This would be a potent instrument in Govt. hands. Used wisely it could be an instrument of positive change.
  4. According to the data collected, organizations may be grouped according to their expertise and geographical regions of operation and the manpower at their command.
  5. The exercise for the identification should be undertaken in the month of December so that the plan could be launched as soon as the financial year begins.
  6. An amount of around 10% of the funds earmarked by the Ministry for assistance to voluntary organizations will be reserved for utilization in areas where the Ministry sees a need for special intervention on account of social problems that may have arisen on account of natural and other calamities or other unforeseen development.

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