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The capacity per hostel should not exceed 100 students. However, this can be accepted & considered in exceptional cases, depending upon the need necessity and merit of the case.

Thrust will be primarily for construction of new hostels for middle and higher secondary level of education.

The proposal of NGOs / Deemed Universities for expansion of existing hostels is to be routed through State Government/UT Administration with their recommendation to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Construction period of hostels reduced to 2 years from the existing 5 years.

A Steering committee under chairmanship of Secretary (SJ&E) will monitor and review the construction of hostels regularly based on the progress reports, both physical and financial, submitted by the Field Implementing Authorities. For the purpose of effective monitoring, the Ministry / Steering Committee will itself conduct or cause field visits by the appropriate agencies / authorities to inspect the projects. The details of releases as Central share, number of hostels sanctioned and inmates covered under the scheme during last 5 years is tabulated below:

( Crores)
Year Boys Hostel Girls Hostel
R.E Exp. No of Hostels No. of Students R.E Exp. No of Hostels No. of Students
2007-08 36.80 36.78 114 7608 32.00 30.50 187 13883
2008-09 30.00 25.73 45 3138 55.00 58.62 64 4938
2009-10 30.00 6.20 20 735 60.00 25.36 20 1421
2010-11 40.00 34.28 41 3244 60.00 43.91 33 2506
2011-12 35.00 27.60 26 2656 50.00 38.31 22 2300

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