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Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities - Schemes / Programmes

New Schemes

Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase / Fitting of Aids and Appliances (ADIP Scheme)

The main objective of the Scheme is to assist the needy disabled persons in procuring durable, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured, modern, standard aids and appliances that can promote their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation, by reducing the effects of disabilities and enhance their economic potential. The aids and appliances supplied under the Scheme must be ISI.

The quantum of assistance and income limit under the ADIP scheme is as follows:

Quantum of assistance and income limit under the ADIP scheme
Total Income Amount of Assistance
  1. Up to Rs. 6,500/- per month
  2. Rs. 6,501/- to Rs. 10,000/- per month
  1. Full cost of aid/appliance
  2. 50% of the cost of aid/appliance

The scheme is implemented through implementing agencies such as the NGOs, National Institutes under this Ministry and ALIMCO (a PSU).

Download complete details about the ADIP scheme (PDF file that opens in a new window)

Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme to promote Voluntary Action for Persons with Disabilities (Revised DDRS Scheme)

To facilitate delivery of various services to persons with disabilities by voluntary organizations, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is administering DDRS scheme and providing grants-in-aid to NGOs for the following projects:-

  1. Vocational Training Centres
  2. Sheltered Workshops
  3. Special Schools for the Persons with Disabilities
  4. Project for Cerebral Palsied Children
  5. Project for Pre-School and Early Intervention and Training
  6. Home based Rehabilitation Program / Home Management Programme
  7. Project for Rehabilitation of Leprosy Cured Persons (LCPs)
  8. Project relating to Survey, Identification, Awareness and Sensitization
  9. Project for Community Based Rehabilitation
  10. Project for Human Resource Development
  11. Seminars / Workshops / Rural Camps
  12. Project for Legal Literacy, Including Legal Counselling, Legal Aid and Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Laws
  13. Environment Friendly and Eco-Promotive Projects for the Handicapped
  14. Grant for Purchase of Vehicle
  15. Construction of Building
  16. Grant for Computer
  17. Project for Low Vision Centres
  18. Half Way Home for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of Treated and Controlled Mentally Ill Persons
  19. District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRCs)

The maximum level of support could be up to 90% of the eligible amount of grant for the project.

During the 10th Five Year Plan grant-in-aid to the extent of Rs. 335.4 cr. was released to NGOs under the scheme.For yearwise and statewise details of expenditure on the scheme in the 10th Plan Click below:

View complete details about the DDRS scheme

Scheme of National Awards for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Empowerment of persons with disabilities is an inter-disciplinary process, covering various aspects namely, prevention, early detection, intervention, education, vocational training, rehabilitation and social integration etc. Apart from resources, it requires dedicated efforts of persons and institutions involved in the process of empowerment. In order to recognise their effort and encourage others to strive to achieve excellence in this field, separate awards are being presented to the most efficient/outstanding employees with disabilities, best employers, best placement agency/officer, outstanding individuals, outstanding institutions, role models, outstanding creative disabled individuals and for outstanding technological innovation and adaptation of innovation to provide cost effective technology. Awards are also given to Government Sector, Public Sector Undertakings and private enterprises for creating barrier free environment for the persons with disabilities, the best district in the field of disability rehabilitation, best Local Level Committee of the National Trust and to the best State Channelising Agency (SCA) of the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation(NHFDC). Preference is given to the placement of women with disabilities, particularly, from the rural areas and self-employed women.

View complete details about the National Awards scheme (English) (Hindi)

Scheme of National Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities

Under the Scheme of National Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities, every year 500 new scholarships are awarded for pursuing post matric professional and technical courses of duration more than one year. However, in respect of students with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, multiple disabilities and profound or severe hearing impairment, scholarship are awarded for pursuing studies from IX Std. onwards. Advertisements inviting applications for scholarships are given in leading national/regional newspapers in the month of June and also placed on the website of the Ministry. State Government/ UT Administrations are also requested to give wide publicity to the scheme.

Students with 40% or more disability whose monthly family income does not exceed Rs. 15,000/-are eligible for scholarship. A scholarship of Rs. 700/- per month to day scholars and Rs. 1,000/- per month to hostellers is provided to the students pursuing Graduate and Post Graduate level technical or professional courses. A scholarship or Rs. 400/- per month to day scholars and Rs. 700/- per month to hostellers is provided for pursuing diploma and certificate level professional courses. In addition to the scholarship, the students are reimbursed the course fee subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10,000/- per year. Financial assistance under the scheme is also given for computer with editing software for blind/ deaf graduate and postgraduate students pursuing professional courses and for support access software for cerebral palsied students.

View complete details about the National Scholarships scheme

Schemes arising out of the Implementation of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995

A number of schemes are being formulated under the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and full participation) Act, 1995 also. Schemes under implementation at present are as under:-

  1. Incentives to Employers in the Private Sector for Providing Regular Employment to Persons with Disabilities
    A Central Sector Scheme of providing one-lakh jobs per annum to the persons with disabilities, with a proposed outlay of Rs.1800 crore, during the 11th Plan Period has already been sanctioned from 1.4.2008 by the Government. Under the Scheme, the Government will make payment of the employer's contribution to the Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance for the first three years, as an incentive, in return of employment of persons with disabilities with monthly wage up to Rs 25000/- per month.

    View Complete details about the scheme

  2. Models to promote awareness about accessibility features in public buildings
    Funds are being provided to Universities / Administrative Training Centres in the States/UTs and State Secretariats etc. for installing lifts etc. to provided barrier free access to persons with disabilities.
  3. Composite Regional Centres for Persons with Disabilities (CRCs)
    Due to lack of adequate facilities for rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, the Ministry has set up five Composite Regional Centres for Persons with Disabilities at Srinagar, Sundernagar (Himachal Pradesh), Lucknow, Bhopal and Guwahati to provide both preventive and promotional aspects of rehabilitation like education, health, employment and vocational training, research and manpower development, rehabilitation for persons with disabilities etc.
  4. District Disability Rehabilitation Centers (DDRCs)
    The Ministry with active support of State Governments is facilitating setting up District Disability Rehabilitation Centers (DDRCs) to provide rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. Centres are being set up in unreached and unserved districts of the country in a phased manner. These centers are to provide services for prevention and early detection, referral for medical intervention and surgical correction, fitment of artificial aids and appliances, therapeutical services such as physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, provision of training for acquisition of skills through vocational training, job placement in local industries etc. at district headquarters as well as through camp approach.
    100 new DDRCs are going to be set up by 2012, out of which 50 DDRCs are to be set up during current financial year and remaining 50 are set up during next financial year.

    A letter dated 09.06.2010 in this regard setting out the modalities of setting up new DDRCs from Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment has been addressed to all the Chief Secretaries of the State/Union Territories (PDF file that opens in a new window)
    A letter dated 14.06.2010 in this regard indicating the Districts where the new DDRCs are to be set up along with the copy of the guidelines of the Scheme of DDRC and also the modalities of setting up new DDRCs from Joint Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment has been addressed to the Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries of the concerned State/Union Territories. (PDF file that opens in a new window)
    A letter no. 15-10/2004-DD-IV dated 12.07.2010 from Joint Secretary (SD) regarding revision of District Disability Rehabilitation Centre Scheme funded under Scheme for Implementation of PwD Act. (PDF file that opens in a new window)
  5. Awareness Generation Programme
    A pilot project for creation of awareness on prevention and early detection and intervention of various types of disabilities has been taken up. The project envisages dissemination of information in rural areas through Anganwadi workers and covers 30 districts (17 in Uttar Pradesh and 13 in Bihar). Recently a pilot project has been taken up in 13 districts of Assam also. The programme is under implementation.
  6. Technology Development Projects in Mission Mode
    With a view to provide suitable and cost effective aids and appliances through the application of technology and to increase their employment opportunities and integration in society of the physically disabled, the above scheme was started during 1990-91. Under the scheme, suitable R&D projects are identified and funded for developing aids and appliances. The scheme is implemented through the IITs. Educational Institutes, Research Agencies and Voluntary Organisations etc. Financial assistance is provided on 100% basis. The four Technical Advisory Groups monitor the selection of the projects and also their progress at different stages in areas of disabilities, namely, Orthopaedic (including Cerebral Palsy), Visual, Speech and Hearing and Mental. All the projects those are recommended by the respective Technical Advisory Groups placed before the Apex Level Committee headed by Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Trust Fund for Empowerment of Persons With Disabilities

The Supreme Court in its order dated 16th April, 2004 in the Civil Appeals No.4655 and 5218 of 2000 had directed that the banks, who had collected an estimated excess amount of Rs.723.79 crores annually from the borrowers through rounding off in collection of interest tax, should transfer it to a trust which would be used for welfare of persons with disabilities. The Court had constituted a Committee under the chairmanship of Comptroller and Auditor General of India with Finance Secretary and Law Secretary as members. The Ministry had sought directions of the Apex court for transfer of these funds to the National Trust for Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities for purposeful utilization.

The Supreme Court is yet to take a view on the request of the Ministry but in the meantime the trust has been set up and the banks have been advised by the Banking Division of the Ministry of Finance to deposit the due amount in the Trust account. Up to 20th September, 2007, the banks have deposited an amount of Rs. 71.54 crores in the Trust account.

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